“Chef Berkeley catered my wedding, and I was stunned at the excellent variety and quality of the food. We had some of the best cured meats, marinated olives and roasted vegetables I’ve ever tasted. My very particular mother was so impressed she asked for a to-go box for a late night snack, and chef Berk kindly obliged.”

– Bill Jones


“Berkeley's ability to master Northwest simplicity is his greatest strength. He takes fairly traditional and comforting dishes, like pork shoulder with brandy gravy and potatoes and creates something that is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Using a variety of quality local products, combined with a simple approach, less seems to always mean more in Berkeley's kitchen.”

– Ryan Wines

“Chef Berk did the most amazing job for our dinner party! He responded quickly via email and phone to confirm all of the details, provided plenty of alternatives to choose from for our menu, and the food was delicious! Rave reviews from all of the guests in attendance...even the most discerning food critics in the bunch! I wish I would have photographed every course to show off the beautiful food he created, but I only captured a few.

We will definitely use his services and talents for future parties. The price point was on par with the quality of food and service we received. My only advice would be to not eat at all the day before so you have plenty of room and appetite to enjoy all of the wonderful food. However, I can't say we were disappointed to have a few leftovers. The pork was so perfect, melt-in-your-mouth good, the pasta was simply amazing, and the chocolate mousse tarts were outstanding. I should also mention that he was very professional and personable, it's no surprise that he has received so many five-star reviews.”

- Sara S.

“I cannot say enough good things about Chef Berk. He catered out wedding on 7/5/2015 and everything was awesome. We struggled to find a caterer that really captured the spirit of local Pacific Northwest cuisine while still having a price point we could afford until a friend recommended Berk. He was friendly and professional from start to finish and super quick to respond to all my questions and communications. Berk and his crew also handled all of the rentals for plates/utensils/glassware/linens which saved me a lot of work. I have heard from many couples that they never got to eat any of the food at their own wedding because they were so busy socializing but that was not the case for us; Berk made us special plates with a little of everything (including the appetizers we missed during the photos) and he thoroughly wrapped all the left-overs for us to take home. All night long our guests talked about how amazing the food was and wanted to know his name.”

- Noelle R.

“Valentines dinner is always a thing whether you want it or not. Having a family with two kids it also involves the hassle of finding a babysit. With the thought that other friends with kids would be facing the same predicament we contacted Chef Berk. Long story short; it was worth every penny and then some. His menu is elegant but not snobby or overly complicated. Pure recognizable flavors, very enjoyable. At the end of our dinner (after Chef Berk had left) our guests asked for his contact details. Nuf said.”

- Joachim L.

“I had a semi-surprise birthday party for my husband's 50th birthday! Chef Berk was amazing.  He responded quickly to all of my emails and worked with me to set up the perfect 6-course meal that worked with the theme of my party.  Everything was absolutely delicious. We all kept debating our favorite dish, but we could never select just one.  In addition to all the amazing food, Chef Berk offered to help cut the tallest cake I have ever seen bought from a local bakery. We can add "expert cake slicer" to his résumé. That would have been a disaster without him. His relaxed and kind interaction with all the guests was fantastic as well.  Now, I'm just trying to come up with another event to have him cater!  Thanks again Chef Berk for an amazing birthday celebration.  The guest of honor is still discussing his grand birthday.”

- L E.