Sample Menus

Here's just a sampling of some previous planned event menus. We can be as creative or restrained as you like. Have some ideas? Let's talk and plan something together!


Corporate Events Sample Menus

$18 per person menu

  • steak and chicken sandwiches on homemade flat bread
  • local french radish and apple salad
  • local raab's and fingerling potato salad

$20 per person menu

  • chicken salad w/ mixed peppers
  • homemade buns w/ queso fresco
  • rainbow chard and potato soup
  • yam turnovers w/ cinnamon caramel
  • assorted drinks

$26 per person menu

  • roast pork loin w/ sauce
  • collard raab w/ queso fresco
  • mizuna and rice salad
  • roasted cauliflower and apple
  • assorted drinks and cookies
  • homemade seed bread


Private Catering Menus (from $40-$175 per person)

late spring menu

  • fried mozzarella w/ pepper relish
  • cullotte steak w/ fresh cheese and local morels
  • spring chinook salmon w/ garlic mayo
  • local greens w/ mustard vinaigrette, pinenuts and crispy cheddar
  • fingerling pototo salad
  • seasonal rosemary vegetable tart
  • bacon-cheese buns
  • seared asparagus w/ blood orange vinaigrette

winter menu

  • braised beef brisket
  • cheese biscuits
  • homemade yam fry bread w/ bacon and garnish
  • macaroni and cheese
  • onion and butternut gratin
  • braised chard

summer menu

  • pickled peppers stuffed w/ ricotta
  • white onion crostini
  • ciligine w/ peppers and lime zest
  • local tomato salad w/ manchego and pistachios
  • dressed greens w/ pumpkin seeds
  • homemade bsicuits
  • roasted herb chicken w/ salsa cruda
  • flank steak w/ sheep feta and chives